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10 Times a Push Notification Kept You on Track at School

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Jul 20, 2015

Have you had a chance to check out our preview of the new Chalkup app?

If so, then you'll know our notification options remain awesome, with push notifications to ensure you never miss an assignment, grade, or class discussion.

Here are a few instances in which push notifications make the best little reminders.

When you sit back and enjoy your weekend because you know you killed it on your last exam. Already got your grade sent to your phone.



When you’re able to adjust your schedule to make room for a new assignment.



When you get a homework reminder right before going into a Netflix binge. Crisis averted.



When you’re able to jump into a group discussion and make an outstanding point.



When you find out a classmate is looking for a study partner and get in on the cram sesh. Because that physics exam is gonna be *rough*.



Finding out that your class got an extension on the next paper.



When you can respond to your classmate’s question and feel like a superhero.



Finding out your instructor posted a study guide for the final exam.



When you can watch the video your instructor shared before you get to class. And then be a step ahead of everyone.



That feeling when you go all semester without missing an assignment. Because you’re totally connected and on top of your school life.




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