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10 fresh tips for teachers when implementing technology in the classroom

Monica Burns wrote this on Oct 5, 2014

10tipsforteachersImplementing technology in your classroom is easier said than done.  Whether you’ve been given access to a computer room, a new cart of iPads or Chromebooks, or are fully 1:1 there are lots of ways to make the most of these extra tech resources.  As you think about the best way to implement technology in your classroom use these ten tips to get started on your journey...

1. Start Small

Choose one or two apps or programs to introduce to your students each month.  There are tons of resources available to teachers and many of them could work their way into your curriculum.  Focus on a few things at first before increasing your list of favorite tech tools.

2. Set Goals

Place your goals into three categories, “This week…” “This month…” and “This year…”  Make a plan for how you will reach these goals and post them somewhere you will see everyday.


3. Quality vs. Quantity

 Instead of choosing 20 apps to use in your classroom pick 5 that you will stick with.  Decide on which ones can be used in multiple lessons and throughout the school year.

4. Objectives First:  

It’s important to identify your mission for each lesson before thinking about the technology tools you will use.  Make sure the resources you introduce enhance your lessons and don’t distract from your goal.

5. Know Your Students 

Get a feel for what type of technology your students have used before.  This can help you prepare for introducing new tools to your class and understand what they have experience with using.

6. Embrace Your Culture  

Think about the way you run your classroom.  Choose technology that fits with the classroom culture you have developed and makes sense with your curriculum.

7. Keep Smiling :)  

Staying positive is important!  Yeah, one day your wireless network might be down or your projector will act up but make sure to take it in stride.

8. Stay Informed  

Follow blogs that offer technology tips and information on new resources.  This will help you stay up to date on new trends and products being used in classrooms.

9. Get Connected  

Join Twitter or another social network where teachers share their own experiences.  You can find like-minded educators to ask questions to and gather ideas.

10. Share Your Experience

Take pictures of student work, tweet an article you’ve read, and pin your favorite lessons on Pinterest.  Get the word out about what’s happening in your classroom and give back to the teacher community!

Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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