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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • February 9, 2016

100 Meaningful Ideas for Educators to Tweet About


Want to be part of the edu Twitterverse but unsure where to start or how to fit in? We've collected 100 ways for any educator to start tweeting. These prompts range from big and insightful to specific queries you can throw at other teachers and admins turning to Twitter to exchange ideas. All you need is 140 characters.

  1. What do you want to learn today?

  2. How are you going to support your students today?

  3. What is something you love about your school?

  4. What is one awesome thing about your lesson plan?

  5. What edtech tool makes your day better?

  6. What edtech tool would you like to learn more about?

  7. What book do recommend that any modern educator read?

  8. How have you been able to engage your class outside of the classroom?

  9. How has a student made you smile this week?

  10. How do you support your colleagues at school?

  11. What’s the best edu blog you’ve read recently?

  12. What are your thoughts/strategies on dealing with cell phones in the classroom?

  13. What’s your favorite assessment tool? Why?

  14. What is something you’ve always wanted to try in your classroom, but never have?

  15. What’s your favorite free tool for teachers?

  16. How do you stay positive during stressful periods at school?

  17. How do you get motivated to teach?

  18. What’s the best advice you ever got about teaching?

  19. What song best captures your teaching style?

  20. What’s your biggest challenge as an educator?

  21. What quote do you most love as a teacher?

  22. Who was the best teacher you had as a student?

  23. What Twitter handle have you learned the most from as an educator?

  24. What fictional educator most inspires you? Why?

  25. What is one thing your school administration does that makes your job as an educator a little better?

  26. What’s your funniest moment in the classroom?

  27. What’s your #1 tip for reaching a disengaged student?

  28. What’s one tip for making teaching staff meetings better?

  29. Tell the Twitterverse about a good edu podcast you listened to lately.

  30. What’s the best lesson you ever received from a student?

  31. What’s your favorite hardware to use with students? Chromebooks? iPads? Why?

  32. Have you ever blogged with your students? What was that like?

  33. What’s something different you’d like to try in your classroom this year?

  34. What’s your secret to building a healthy routine at school?

  35. How do you challenge high-performing students?

  36. Do you have any recommendations for communicating with parents at school/keeping them in the loop?

  37. How would you describe your class in three words?

  38. Looking back, what was your favorite class to teach? Why?

  39. Have you ever taught in a flipped classroom? What was your biggest takeaway?

  40. What is one thing all first year teachers should keep in mind this year?

  41. What would you say is your biggest triumph in the classroom?

  42. Who has been your biggest mentor as an educator?

  43. Have you stumbled upon any great learning apps you’d recommend to other teachers?

  44. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing during your first year of teaching, what would that be?

  45. What would you most like to disrupt about education?

  46. What edu companies are you loving right now?

  47. Have you ever tried gamification in your lessons? What was that like?

  48. What would you say defines your teaching style?

  49. Quick: what would you say to inspire a teacher across the country?

  50. What’s your take on mobile learning?

  51. What’s one way you add rigor to your classroom?

  52. What teaching buzzwords do you wish would go away?

  53. How do you unwind outside of the classroom?

  54. Any professional development groups or resources you’d recommend or want to learn more about?

  55. Any experiences with doing a genius hour? What was your take?

  56. What resources do you feel would improve your job?

  57. What’s the best question a student ever asked you?

  58. What is one way you keep a growth mindset?

  59. What’s one thing you’d expect to change about learning in the next 100 years?

  60. What’s the proudest you’ve been of a student and why?

  61. How is one way you’ve seen teachers and administrators work well together?

  62. What’s one thing you’d want people to know about being an educator that you think would be surprising?

  63. What do you most want to learn from other educators on Twitter?

  64. If you could interview anyone about teaching today, who would it be and why?

  65. What’s your #1 tip for classroom decorating?

  66. How is your classroom organized? Any advice for classroom feng shui?

  67. Tweet one resource that has made you a better educator.

  68. Any interest in setting up a pen pal or virtual exchange program with another classroom? How can you jumpstart this project on social?

  69. What are you strategies for providing students with feedback?

  70. What’s an alternative to telling a student “good job” on an assignment that is far more meaningful?

  71. Have you ever participated in a MOOC? Any recommendations for other educators?

  72. What’s one resource you’d love to share with parents?

  73. What’s one thing you’d like technology companies to consider as they make tools for classrooms?

  74. Any edu conferences coming up you’re excited about or want more info on?

  75. What is your teaching superpower? What skill are you most proud of growing in your teaching career?

  76. How do you pump yourself up during back-to-school season?

  77. Sum up your latest assignment in five words or less.

  78. What steps are you taking to be better at what you do this year? How can Twitter help?

  79. If you could design a piece of edtech, what would it be and why?

  80. If you could go back and tell yourself something as a student, what would it be?

  81. What do you think the biggest change in education has been since you were in school?

  82. What’s one thing you really appreciate about your colleagues?

  83. What book gets you most exciting about teaching and learning?

  84. Quick: share a TED-Ed video that makes your heart sing.

  85. What’s your favorite tool for lesson planning?

  86. How does your school stay connected? What do you like about that and what would you improve?

  87. Have you ever tried to learn coding? What tools did you use and were they helpful?

  88. What skill do modern teachers most need that goes unadvertised among educators?

  89. What professional development exercises have you most enjoyed that were provided/recommended by your school?

  90. How do you curb cheating in your classroom? Have you had any wild experiences there?

  91. Ever have a really lazy student? What did you do?

  92. What’s one standard teaching practice you’d like to majorly modernize?

  93. Best field trip stories. And go.

  94. Any questions - or advice - on creating activities for a 1:1 or BYOD classroom?

  95. What are your go-to tools for classroom management?

  96. If you weren’t an educator, what do you think you’d be doing and why?

  97. What’s the scariest thing about being an educator?

  98. What’s the best part about being an educator?

  99. What is something your school should be proud of?

  100. What do you use an indicator of success as a teacher?

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