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By Chalkup Staff • August 30, 2016

5 Tips for Getting Your Classes Ready for a New School Year on Chalkup

Get your Chalkup account ready for a brand new school year with new courses, new participants and welcome messages. Here’s our list of five quick things to do before you start using Chalkup again this school year.

1. Archive your old courses.

Done with those old courses? Archive the ones from last semester and start fresh. When you go into your “My Courses” page, you’ll see the link to archive the course.



2. Create your new courses.

Get all set up by creating each of the classes you’re teaching. Click on the plus button next to the COURSES heading in the left sidebar. Input the details, and you’ll be all set.



3. Invite your students!

What’s a course without your students? Chalkup makes it simple for you to add your students; either enter their email addresses directly, or hand out your course’s unique Chalkup Course Code to your students. They’ll use that code to join your course when they login to Chalkup.



4. Kickoff the discussion with a welcome message.

Once you’ve created your courses, set a welcome message for your students this year. Share how you’ll be using Chalkup, let them know if they need to prepare anything for class, or have everyone introduce themselves. It’s a great chance to get everyone acquainted with communicating in the discussion space in your course.



5. Repost an assignment from last year.

Did you know that you can reuse previously posted assignments – even ones from your archived classes? Well you can, and it’s a big time saver. Click the big blue plus button and choose “Repost”. You'll even have the ability to edit the assignment and make any changes before you send it out to your students.


And voilà, your Chalkup courses are ready for another great year! And, as always, check out the Chalkup Support Center if you have any questions.