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7 study hacks for increasing productivity

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 12, 2015

Midterms approach. Here are a few tips from your friends at Chalkup for staying on top of everything. Happy studying.

Set the mood.


Environment is everything. If you really want to maximize productivity, find a place that limits distractions. Tidy spaces are known to promote focus and reduce stress. Furniture can also make a huge difference. If you know a space where you can spread out and stay comfy, all the better.  


Put the phone down.


Phones can be really good for staying organized - that’s why we love our mobile app. It notifies you the moment there’s an update to your workload. That being said, when it’s time to hunker down and get to work, a phone within arm’s reach can be a major distraction. Do yourself a favor and put your phone on the other side of the room. It’ll keep you from getting caught up in texts and Instagrams when you need to be focusing.


Study then Snooze.


Fun fact: your brain organizes information when you sleep. If you’re cramming for something, give it a go before bed. This could help you better retain the info you need for that big test.




If midterms have you bogged down with assignments and tests, try to schedule a gym session between tasks. Exercise has been known to boost brainpower, keeping you sharp while you juggle extra work.


Set a Routine.


The key to owning your workload could very well lie in a killer routine. Forming good habits -- like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, or looking at your calendar on Chalkup before diving into work -- will make busy times easier to navigate. Champions are made in the off-season, friends.


Strength in Numbers.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you join forces with your classmates. Get out in front of midterms with a study group - or at least a study partner - to hold you accountable to your goals. This includes setting times to make progress on projects and talking through assignments for greater comprehension. (Shameless plug for our discussion space, which makes it REALLY easy to keep in touch with your study team when you’re cramming.)


Let us Help.


Chalkup keeps track of your assignments and estimates your workload. Let us help you stay connected and on top of your workload so you can be at your best this year.


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