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By Chalkup Staff • May 26, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Chalkup Teacher


 Shopping around for new classroom tools? Explore a day in the life of a Chalkup teacher. 

From checking your course calendar before heading to school, to pinging your students on a cool new article before class, to assigning and grading work on the go - this is what your school life could look like.

7:00 AM: Prepare for the day.

Chalkup reminds you what’s due for students and what’s next on your to-do list. And the Course Calendar keeps your class in sync.


8:00 AM: Prep your students.

Want to share an article or video you found that is related to your course? Or maybe you want to clarify the instructions on an upcoming assignment before you get to class and questions begin to roll in.

You're in luck. We're optimized to make sharing resources and keeping in touch really easy. Send classwide messages, weigh in on a discussion thread, edit an assignment you created, or reach out to an individual student.

11:00 AM: Push out a new assignment.

Create new assignments, upload documents from Google Drive, add due dates, and schedule exams, knowing all of your students will get a customized Chalkup notification.


3:00 PM: Support student discussion.


Class might be dismissed for the day, but the idea-sharing doesn't need to stop. You can also leverage flashcards, class polls, and peer assessment tools to unleash learning.

4:00 PM: Grade work, provide feedback.

Chalkup allows students to keep track of their grades and receive substantive instructor feedback. Instantly. You can click through a rubric you attached to the last assignment or add comments to a submission using our MarkUp Annotator.


6:00 PM: Get reminded.

Your custom notifications and to-do list will ensure nothing in your school life slips through the cracks.

8:00 PM: Plan something great for tomorrow. (And relax. You're on top of everything.)

Create a course library, ask your students thoughtful questions, and share amazing resources via Google Drive. When workflows are cloud-based, teachers can connect with their class from anywhere.


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