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ChalkupTip: Adding and Removing Students

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Oct 20, 2015


Hello to all of our lovely new users who are building courses and adding students for the first time. Today we're sharing a quick #ChalkupTip on how to add and remove students from your courses with only a few clicks.


If you want to watch the whole process in action, you can just watch this nifty tour!


To add students to your course, navigate to your class page in Chalkup. Then click "invite students" in your navigation.


Here, you have the option of providing students with a course code. Using this method, your students be able to add a course on their end. They’ll enter the code when prompted and gain access to your class.

Instead, you could enter the email address of your students. They’ll be enrolled and receive an email that will take them to your course.


You can edit your roster at any time. Just head to your course page, click the course title, and select "course members." Here, you’ll also be able to invite more students using the “invite” tab.

You may remove students by clicking the x on the right-hand side of their name.


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