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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • January 26, 2016

Admins: 25 Questions to Ask Your Teachers About EdTech


We’ve learned (many) things from the educators who use our product. This includes understanding the gap that sometimes crops up between administrators/IT professionals with purchasing power and the teachers who use the edtech products procured by these individuals.

We’re interested in conversations that close this gap, making it easier for administrators to pilot and select edtech products that are matches for the teachers and students who will eventually use them. That communication - building buy-in and understanding the needs of classrooms - is vital for admins to make successful edtech choices.

Questions are a great place to start. Specific, pointed questions that address what is working, what’s not, and what teachers really want to see in the edtech selected by their school.

Here are 25 questions to get everyone talking.




  1. What are your biggest pain points with our current edtech setup?

  2. Are there any products you’ve used/tested/piloted in your classroom we should investigate for use across the entire school?

  3. What’s the best thing technology has allowed you to do in your classroom that you couldn’t have done otherwise? How do we replicate that?

  4. Do you feel like you/we sincerely achieve more with our edtech than we could without it? If not, why aren’t we gaining more from these tools? Where’s the breakdown?

  5. Do you think edtech tools exist that the entire school should be using? Why or why not? Are there a few tools that make sense to use by grade level? Subject?


  6. What concerns you about selecting a new edtech platform that all classrooms will use?

  7. What type of training and support are you most interested in as we get new programs and platforms? What resources would be the most helpful during this process?

  8. How do you think your students feel about our current setup? How can we better serve the student population?

  9. What’s your take on the current adoption rate of the edtech we have among faculty? How do we get that even higher? Are people really using the tools we've purchased?

  10. How should we be measuring the success of the edtech products we put in place?

  11. What do you want to do in your classroom that you currently cannot? Is there technology that would solve this problem?

  12. How do you think the edtech we’re looking at would shift your classroom culture? How does that make you feel?

  13. What kind of edtech goals should we be setting? What are your edtech goals?

  14. What features are most important to you in new tools? What can’t you live without? Why?

  15. Will we need parent accounts for our new platforms or is there a better way to keep parents in the loop?

  16. What would the ideal pilot/evaluation process of new tech look like to you? Why?

  17. Are there any technology dealbreakers that would really rock your classroom?

  18. Do you have any experiences with edtech from working in other districts that would be useful to our current search?

  19. Let’s talk about support. How has our current IT support setup been working for you? What improvements could be made to the system?

  20. Is there anything about how edtech impacts classrooms that you want the administration to understand? Are you sensing any gaps in understanding about what is most needed?

  21. Where do you go to learn about new edtech and find tools you might want to use in your classroom?

  22. Are there any edtech resources or learning opportunities we should be aware of as an entire school/district? Is there a better way we could be sharing knowledge and learning from one another?

  23. What’s your take on student training for new platforms? What do we need to consider about getting students up to speed/their needs?

  24. Any suggestions for how we can collect feedback on current edtech and potential new platforms?

  25. Long term, what do we want our tech setup to look like and why? Where do you feel we should be heading and why?

Have you encountered good conversation starters/questions to close the gap? Drop them in the comments.


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