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By Chalkup Staff • May 15, 2015

All About Your Electronic Gradebook

Perhaps you’ve heard us mention our electronic gradebook in other Chalkup posts on grading and assignments. It’s about time we gave you the lowdown on this magical feature. (And yes, we’re actually pretty sure it’s magic.)

Here’s the deal. Your electronic gradebook in Chalkup is all about customizing the way you want to do assessment within your Chalkup workflow.

What we mean by that is this: we know everyone likes to organize their classroom differently. And we want you to be able to do that.

This is why our gradebook can handle different layouts - view grades by student, assignment, etc.

If you haven’t explored your gradebook before, you can find one for every course you’re teaching. Just mosey to the “Grading” button in your navigation.

Find your grading page in Chalkup

Here we are. Your little grading oasis.

Your Electronic Gradebook in Chalkup

Your gradebook will automatically capture any assignment you’ve marked as “gradeable” in Chalkup. Once you’ve graded an assignment with a Chalkup rubric - or by entering a final score on a student’s submission - that score is automatically entered into your gradebook. No extra steps, no transferring the student’s score over.


Grading with a Rubric in Chalkup

Need to change a grade? That’s cool. Just click on the assignment in question and you can type in a new score, easily overriding the old one. Just click and change. The new score is updated everywhere.

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