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By Chalkup Staff • August 26, 2015

All About Archiving Classes in Chalkup

Are your classes from last semester active in Chalkup even though a new school year is upon us? We can fix that.

To archive your classes - and, subsequently, get them out of your sidebar - start by clicking “My Courses” in your overview tab.


Next, click the “Archive Class” button underneath the class you want to archive.

What does it mean now that you’ve archived your course? Well, it’s no longer up and running (which is why it’s no longer in your sidebar) but you haven’t lost any of the info contained within.

You can view your archived courses at any time by navigating to “My Courses” and re-activating any of them. It’s an easy way to grab material you want to use again or double check how assignments and discussions worked in the past.


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