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Jayne Miller

Jayne is the Director of Marketing at Chalkup. A lover of visual storytelling and working with words, Jayne is all about using the digital landscape to promote class collaboration.
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The Conversation Every Educator Should Have With Their Admins About Education Technology

How do you build a meaningful relationship with your edtech admin? And what information is most important to exchange?

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Students are telling you something about student engagement. As you plan for the next school year, consider these engaging, student-centric thought-starters.

How to Nail Student Engagement Next Year

Three ideas for creating an engaged classroom full of curious students.

Is Your EdTech Enhancing Your School's Mission?

Have you ever asked yourself how the tech tools that you’re using daily are helping you get where you want to go?

One Huge Misconception About Learning Management Systems

We heard someone say that a learning management system was for *just* homework submission. Oh boy, imagine our horror.

Weigh In: Does America's Education System Need To Be Disrupted?

The U.S. education system might not be perfect, but maybe it's not as broken as everyone says.

Three Reasons Why We Love Social Learning (And So Should You)

Social learning is utterly engaging and we prefer that a thousand times over whatever traditional LMSes claim to do.