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Jayne Miller

Jayne is the Director of Marketing at Chalkup. A lover of visual storytelling and working with words, Jayne is all about using the digital landscape to promote class collaboration.
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Weigh In: Does America's Education System Need To Be Disrupted?

The U.S. education system might not be perfect, but maybe it's not as broken as everyone says.

Three Reasons Why We Love Social Learning (And So Should You)

Social learning is utterly engaging and we prefer that a thousand times over whatever traditional LMSes claim to do.

The Real Way to Get Kids Interested in Math

My dad was right. Treating math like a series of puzzles is better than silly word problems.

Send This E-mail to Your Tech Coordinator. Stat.

You won't get the right tools in your classroom if you don’t ask for them.

How To Start Actually Looking for New EdTech This Summer (in Seven Steps)

Seven steps to ensure your edtech search gets crossed off your list this summer.

How to Ask Your Admin for New EdTech

We have a few tips for how to ask for new edtech in a way that your boss can’t ignore.

Data Mining to Uncover a Chronic Absence Problem

An awesome story for the data nerds and number crunchers out there.

Globalization Course Uses Chalkup to Connect with Sister Class in Egypt

Proctor Academy's Adam Jones had a brilliant idea to get his students connecting outside the limits of rural New Hampshire. Enter Chalkup.

Google Sheets Features and Formulas for Teachers: More You Didn’t Know Existed

New tips, tricks, features, and functions ideal for the Google Sheet-using educator.

The Best Graduation Speeches from 2016

Throw your caps in the air, grads! These are the commencement speeches that moved us in 2016.