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Justin Chando

Justin is CEO and Founder of Chalkup. He is passionate about transforming learning experiences through incredibly simple and easy to use technology.
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The Teacher's Guide to Using Google Drive 2.0

Great news, Google fans. We've updated our Teacher's Guide to Google Drive. Learn how to use Google Drive in the classroom with this new resource.

What Happens When a Teacher Has a Great Teaching Method?

Something is broken in teaching if teachers are coming up with ideas alone and consistently reinventing the wheel over and over again.

In Education, It's Actually a Big Deal to Build Something Simple and Obvious, Not 'Disruptive'

Making smarter, more intuitive software for classrooms is actually kind of obvious.

Is Social Learning the Future?

What do we know now about learning that will influence pedagogy in 2017 and beyond? My money is on social learning.

Making a Modern LMS: A Chalkup Origin Story

The modern LMS is optimized for one-way conversation - a teacher pushing out an assignment - not a two way discussion. We didn’t love that.

Meet the all-new Chalkup

We've completely redesigned Chalkup to be so easy and so beautiful to use in your classes.

New E-book: You Got Google Apps. Now What?

If you get every classroom using Google Docs but fail to provide communication tools that facilitate meaningful usage of those Docs, you’re only halfway there.

The Top 5 Reasons LMS Implementations Fail

I want us to re-think the playbook, shift our expectations, and put students first.

[Free E-book] Selecting the Learning Management System That is Right for Your School

Our new, free e-book Rewriting the Procurement Playbook: Selecting the LMS That is Right for Your School is now available.

Future Readiness Depends on Equity. Here’s How My Product Factors That In.

Giving everyone access to the same edtech tool is awesome, but it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will have the same access or learning opportunities.