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Justin Chando

Justin is CEO and Founder of Chalkup. He is passionate about transforming learning experiences through incredibly simple and easy to use technology.
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What the EdTech World Looks Like Through the Eyes of a Startup

Being a startup is hard. And I love it.

What You Can Expect from Chalkup in 2016

A letter from CEO Justin Chando about what's on the horizon for Chalkup.

A Guide to Engaging Digital Discussions

Well, what do you know? We've got a new, free e-book all about why we think online discussions are just the best thing since sliced bread.

New Resource: All About Assessment & Rubrics

Download our new resource on better rubrics and smarter assessment tools.

Student Time Management Matters. Just Ask Your Overworked Student.

Let's get on the same page and challenge students without stretching them too thin.

Introducing the Chalkup Student Dev Squad

Apply to join our elite squad of student coders.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Google Apps for Edu

We collected all of our fave Google Drive tips in this latest resource. Includes time-saving shortcuts, uncovered hacks, and Chromebook tricks for the classroom.

Chalkup’s EdTech Glossary

Search for language, definitions, and resources that define 21st century learning.

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

All about using the social landscape to expand your personal learning network.

My EdTech Moment

For all the educators and innovators reading this: I wonder if you’ve had your edtech moment yet.