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By Chalkup Staff • September 2, 2015

Tech Questions to Ask During Back-to-School Night



Tis the season for back-to-school night. If edtech is on your mind as a parent or teacher, we've developed some tech-centric questions to prep you for the big night.

These questions are gateways to better understanding the tech landscape at school as a parent. For teachers, having information on the devices and platforms you’ll be using - and pertinent details about any parent access features - will be a winning part of your presentation. (Hey. Maybe even consider a quick demo of your class tech.) So keep these queries in mind on both sides of the conversation.

If we missed any tech questions that made for stellar discussion during one of your back-to-school nights, leave them for us in the comments.

What devices and platforms will students be using this year? How will these tools support the learning process?

Do the devices and platforms used in class allow for any personalized learning?

Is there technology you'd recommend that can support my student at home?

Are there any parent access features with the tools you’ll be using that I should know about?

Are there any technology-based competencies that my child will be learning this year?

Anything I don’t know about this year’s classroom technology that I should?

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