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By Chalkup Staff • August 24, 2017

3 Easy Tips to Go Back to School With Chalkup

It's a new school year (in the US), and we couldn't be more excited! Get your Chalkup account ready with new courses, students, and welcome messages. Here are 3 new video tutorials to help start your year right! Even better, share these with another teacher that needs a refresher.

1. Create New Courses & Invite Your Students

A new school year means it's time to create those courses and add student users. 


2. Archive Old Courses

If you've been using Chalkup you likely have courses that are no longer active. That means it's time to archive them.


3. Repost/Rollover Previous Assignments

This is a huge timesaver. You've worked hard to build out the lessons in your courses. Well, good news! You can reuse these resources over and over again in future courses using Chalkup's repost feature.