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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • January 28, 2016

The Best Admin Twitter Chats to Catch Up On


This week our team has been churning out additional admin and IT-related content to better connect with our users and friends in admin roles.

We're also aiming to make this a learning opportunity on our end.

Beyond more conversation with our admin users, this week we've been sitting in on admin Twitter chats and absorbing as much as possible. So far it's been crazy informative and something we'll likely continue doing each week. 

Until then, we grabbed some samples from the chats we've watched and learned from. Highly recommend checking these out if you're an admin or just want to see, learn, and feel what's happening from the admin perspective across the country. Enjoy.

#KYAdmin |  Kentucky School Administrators | Monday 7-8 pm EST



#Admin2B | Aspiring Educational Administrator Chat | Monday 8-9 pm EST

#MSSAAchat |  Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators' Association | monthly second Tuesday 8-9 pm EST




#carolinaEDU | North and South Carolina Educators | Thursday 1-2 pm EST

#principallife | Current and Aspiring Administrators | Wednesday 9-10 pm EST



Honorable Mentions

Feel free to hype your admin-friendly Twitter chat in the comments.

  • #apchat | Assistant Principal's Chat  | Sunday 8-9 pm EST

  • #mnmasa | Minnesota Superintendent's Chat  | Monthly Second Sunday 9-10 pm EST

  • #masspchatMichigan Principals Chat | Monday 8-9 pm EST

  • #PSCchatPrincipal-School Counselor Chat | Monday 8:30-9:30 pm EST

  • #123princhatChat focused on insights/concerns of 1st-2nd-3rd year principals and assistant principals | Tuesday 9-10 pm EST

  • #suptchatSuperintendent's Chat  | Wednesday 8-9 pm EST

  • #MEMSPAchatMichigan Elementary and Middle School Principals | Thursday 8-9 pm EST


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