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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • April 4, 2015

The Best Time to Assign Work Online

There’s an online hack for everything. Best times to send an email to increase your open rate. Title language that will make someone more likely to read an article you wrote. Words in a calendar entry that will get students to note the exam date. We even wrote a whole piece on ways you can engineer your digital assignment so more students will complete it.

So when it comes to assigning work online, what’s the real hack? What’s the best time to send a notification to ensure everyone will know what’s going on, when it’s due, and how to get started?

We hate to burst the bubble of anyone hoping to learn about a magical time of day when students are most likely to be plugged in and ready to work. But if you’re using an online system that is truly keeping your class connected, then the best time to assign work online is whenever you want.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-03_at_1.09.32_PMWe believe that to boost assignment completion rates, the real magic is in system-building. Allowing students to set up custom notifications - a text, an email, or a push notification - will let them create a workflow that fits their time management preferences. Assign the work whenever you want. If you’re really connected to your class, they’ll get the memo. Further, if your course materials and related communication are all in one place, you’ve stacked the deck for students.

They key is the connection. No hack can beat a class that knows exactly where to go for course information and is notified in the way that will best get their attention. If this isn’t happening in your workflow, let’s talk more. There might be new ways we can set up your digital workflow to keep everyone in the loop.

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