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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • August 5, 2015

Digital Tips for Routine-Building

The transition from summer to fall always signals a routine change for educators and students. For some, it’s a simple switch in class schedule; others find the change more drastic, encroaching on sleep patterns.

The best way to adjust to a new schedule is to keep it consistent. And this is where routine-building comes in. Here’s how technology can help.

Rise and Shine at the Same Time Every Day

Mornings set the pace and tone of your day. Let’s start on time, feeling fresh, and fueling up.

The good news here is that there is no shortage of apps dedicated to getting you out of bed.

A few good ones? Waky will nudge you awake with the human voice of your choosing. Definitely one of the calmer, more soothing wake-up options. If you need more of a push, there’s Wake. This app for iOS makes you work a little harder, requiring a gesture to snooze. We really dig shake mode, which requires you to shake your phone until the Shake Bar is full (and in the process getting your blood flowing).

You can find the shake feature on a few different apps, including Wake N Shake and the Shake-it Alarm.

And if you need something more….diabolical to get you up, try Sleep as Android. It will track your sleep phases and require you to do a math problem before your alarm turns off. Hope you know your multiplication tables.


Keep Tasks/To-Dos in the Same Place and Track Consistently

As the homework/grading begins to roll in, ask yourself where your go-to place is for managing tasks and keeping track of your schedule. Is it all in one place and easy to access away from school?

Our new app for iOS includes our fan-favorite Look Ahead feature, which collects and tracks pending tasks and allows users to check off to-dos as they go. We also love the way our Look Ahead estimates total hours of work - super helpful for managing time and scheduling other activities.

Set Your Food Routine

Eating around the same time daily will help you adjust to a new fall routine. If your new schedule is particularly chaotic, you might be into a mealplanner.

Take Pepperplate, for example. This platform will store and manage your recipe collection and aid you in scheduling meals for the week. Paprika is another winning service with an incredibly intuitive app.

If timing your meals is no problem, but you’re in serious need of inspiration to ensure that healthful/delicious/interesting food makes it to your plate every day, hands down check out Yummly and Foodgawker. (Insert heavy breathing cat.)

Plenty of Shut-Eye

New routines can be jarring and sleep is often the first thing lost as we adjust. There are the tried-and-true methods of shutting off screens an hour before bedtime to wind your body down from the day. Warm showers, herbal teas, and reading have all been recommended sleep rituals.

On the tech side, SleepBot has been a favorite sleep tracker for monitoring sleep patterns. What makes this app special is the way it tracks sleep debt and recommends sleep times to keep you at your best during the day.


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