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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Our ISTE Booth

Justin Chando wrote this on Jul 22, 2015

Something very cool happened at ISTE 2015. EdSurge’s Michael Winters and Kerry Gallagher were on the lookout for a podcast subject when they ended up at the Chalkup booth.

The deal was this: my conversation with Kerry, a technology integration specialist, was going to be recorded and analyzed in an effort to take a deeper look at what happens when companies and teachers talk. Where are we not speaking the same language? Where do things go off the rails? How do we better serve educators?


As nerve-wracking as it was to have our conversation played back - poking at every place that might represent a trend or flaw in the way edtech companies communicate with their customers - this was pretty awesome.

Not only is there a ton to learn here - not just for Chalkup, but for lots of new edtech companies working to create tools that serve educators - but I’m thrilled that overall EdSurge liked what we were up to at Chalkup. (Although I’m sad Kerry hasn’t played around with the platform more since we talked. Can’t wait to send her the details of our latest app release!)

So take a listen. And help us keep the conversation going. The only way we’re going to build something amazing for educators is to keep talking; some of the best features in Chalkup are from speaking directly with educators for feedback. So you can comment on this blog, tweet us at @Chalkupedu, or send us product feedback on any page of Chalkup by clicking the “support” button on the bottom left of your screen.

Thanks to EdSurge, Michael, and Kerry for the opportunity, the great feedback, and saying such nice stuff about Chalkup!

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