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Chalkup + Google: The New Way to Use Google Drive in the Classroom

Justin Chando wrote this on Apr 22, 2014


Today we’re really excited to announce a major feature. We’ve just launched a really tight integration with Google Drive! We've tried to re-imagine the best way to use Google Drive in the classroom. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) users, you’re going to love this! 

Check out this quick video preview.




Super simple for your students to turn-in Google Drive files for grading

Having students use Google Drive to work on papers, and homework is great. There can be lots of great collaboration. However, when the file is ready to be turned in, what do your students do?

  • Add the teacher as a collaborator to the file? Not very organized.

  • Have a shared folder for every assignment? No, that’s going to get old fast.

  • Do something crazy with forms + a complex script? Too complicated, no thanks.

We’ve come up with a great solution, all your students have to do is choose "Upload with Google Drive" inside the Chalkup assignment and we do all the hard work in the background. It's magic.


Finally! Annotate on Google Drive Documents.

Google Drive is still missing real document annotations on files. The great thing about the Chalkup + Google Drive integration is that when a file is uploaded from Drive to Chalkup, teachers get to use our great MarkUp annotator to annotate on the student’s file submissions.


Use Chalkup’s Grading features with Google Drive files.

If you’re using Google Drive for everything in your classes, you know that it’s really difficult to actually tie a grade to a students file. Some smart teachers have created some scripts, or use forms to collect them, but this isn’t very scalable and is far too complicated! We’re all about simplicity at Chalkup. So every submission has the power of our integrated online grade book.

The easiest way to share Google Drive files with your whole class.

Finally, we made it really easy to share Google Drive files with your class. Since all of your students are connected with you on Chalkup, just choose the file you want to share and we keep it safe and sound for you and your students.


Students save Materials to their own Drive

Once the teacher has shared this drive file, it's now time for the students to start working on it! All a student needs to do to is click the "Save to Drive" link, and it will automatically save the file to their Drive, and open it for them to start editing.


We hope this really helps teachers and students that use Google Drive and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in their classes.  We would love for you to try this out!

If you ever need any help just drop us a note!  We’ll respond right away.

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The Teacher's Guide to using Google Drive in the Classroom.

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