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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • December 28, 2015

You Must Love Reading About Google Drive: Chalkup's Top Blogs of 2015



Why yes, you’ve stumbled upon another end-of-the-year list. But don’t stray just yet! This is a really good one!  We’ve combed through our 2015 blogs and found the 10 most-loved, most-read, and most-shared pieces.

What did we find? Lots of Google Apps for Education stories, as well as some love for posts on our favorite edu podcasts.

Take a quick walk down memory lane with us as we bid 2015 farewell via these top edtech-approved posts.

1. Chromebook Tips Every Teacher Should Know


Your favorite blog of the year was this post full of next-level tips every Chromebook-using instructor should know. 

2. Little-Known Google Sheet Features and Formulas


Readers also ate up our favorite Google Sheet features and functions that can be leveraged for interesting classroom projects.

3. Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Teachers


Number three on our list was our blog on our favorite Chrome extensions. This post resulted in some fabulous extension suggestions from our users. Expect an updated list of edu extensions in 2016.

4. Must-Know Google Doc Hacks


And the good times with Google continue with our post on Google Doc tips and tricks, making this our #4 blog post of the year.

5. The Education Podcasts That Should be in Your Headphones Right Now


Our readers are also big fans of podcasts. This post on our top edu podcast picks got a ton of shares on social, making it one of the most-loved blogs we did in 2015. Thanks to Techlandia, NerdyCast, EdSurge on Air, and Ask a Teacher for the podcasts that inspired this piece.

6. Tips for Making the Switch to Google Slides


We have a feeling a lot of teachers were inching away from PowerPoint and experimenting with Google Slides this year. Our August post on making the switch to Google Slides shared lots of tips for presention creation and sparked some fun social chatter among Slides superusers.

7. Gmail Hacks for Ultimate Teacher Efficiency


The Chalkup team has a soft spot for tech that makes life easier and more efficient. We love Gmail, and as it turns out, so do our readers. Our blog on being an email ninja was number seven on our list of top 2015 reads.

8. Teachers: What To Do the Night Before Going Back to School


A 2015 highlight was definitely going back to school with you. You made our piece on what to do the night before school one of the most read of the year.

9. The Best of EdTech on Twitter



We love blogging almost as much as we love connecting with our readers on social. Our March story about who we're following on Twitter for the best edu and edtech news was one of our top reads of 2015. (And not to spoil anything, but expect lots of additions to our famed Twitter lists in 2016. We've got some more recommendations coming your way.)

10. Using Google Drive in Your Classes with Chalkup


It's fitting that we end our list with a piece about using Chalkup with Google Drive. Drive was definitely the hot topic within the CU blogosphere. We promise to share even more Googly goodness in the year ahead. Looking forward to it.


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