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Checklist for Going Paperless

Jayne Miller wrote this on Mar 19, 2015

Plan ahead or plan to fail. This has to be the backbone of any strategy for implementing a digital system school-wide.


Getting up and running with a paperless platform requires thoughtful decision-making. It entails thoroughly assessing your school’s needs and seeking out features that best serve them. We do this not just to make the transition smooth, but to ensure that technology allows students to achieve real learning outcomes once it's in their hands.

In our Administrator’s Guide to Going Paperless, we outline strategies, challenges, and players you'll encounter when you start feeling out how digital systems can serve your school. We crammed this info into a quick and dirty overview with our Checklist for Going Paperless.

Download, share, learn, and do more in your school:

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How to Start a Paperless Classroom

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