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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 23, 2016

30 Fourth Graders. A Bunch of Chromebooks. One Collaborative Learning Experience.


Andrew Jaquiss has 30 Chromebook-toting fourth-grade students who are ready to learn.

From Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, Andrew spoke with us about pairing Chalkup with his Chromebooks and tips for teachers in the process of matching technology with their classroom.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve been able to do with Chalkup or any other classroom technology?

Using Chalkup allows me to to give much better feedback. [I’m able to] write much faster and also hold private conversations.  

My students love it because they can chat, poll each other, and write papers - in that order. I also give math quizzes using Chalkup discussions with Super Quiz, which has taken a big load off my shoulders.

What’s one thing teachers who are looking to implement new digital systems should keep in mind?

To ask themselves if the technology will help the kids learn.

Chalkup has helped my students receive more detailed feedback in a manageable environment. Fourth graders learn a lot and Chalkup manages many of the mundane aspects like keeping track of assignments, among other things. It also gives students a way to question privately instead of asking publicly, which is important in every grade.

My students love Chalkup and it has really made a difference in my classroom. I feel like it helps me communicate with them, and also helps them to communicate with me and each other.

Where do you see technology taking classes in the future? What’s your vision?

I don't know, but I hope the internet becomes more available to everyone. Differentiating instruction, homework, and assessment is closer to happening via digital means each year. I think students will engage at a deeper level when those conditions arise.

What gets your students excited to learn? What do we have to do to get even more students excited to learn?

My kids have learned a great deal about Chromebooks, Google Drive, and Chalkup this year and mostly from each other. I showed them the basics and got out of the way because so many students were able to share tips, tricks, and other things with each other.

Now that students can share digital creations in my classroom, other avenues are being explored. Hour of Code became months and months of Code, and Code Academy, and Java and so forth. Chalkup allows students to share fresh ideas and communicate with each other in ways they have never had. 


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