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How To Set Up Co-Teachers in Chalkup (Plus Our Fave Co-Teaching Resources)

Jayne Miller wrote this on Sep 30, 2015


Teaching isn’t always a solo act. For courses with co-teachers or teaching assistants, it’s more of a dynamic duo situation.

There’s a way to ensure that as co-teachers you both have equal access/shared permissions to everything that’s happening with your class online. You’ll just need to add a co-teacher to your course in Chalkup.

Here's how to do this. In your Chalkup course, click on your class name to open the dropdown menu and select "Edit Course Info."

This will open a popup menu with several tabs. Choose the "Co-teach" tab. Now enter your co-teacher's email address. If they already have a Chalkup account, they will be added to your class. (Pro-tip: Make sure your co-teacher already has a Chalkup account and is signed up as a “teacher” in your school.)

A co-teacher in Chalkup may create assignments, upload materials, and grade work; all of the same core administrative functions will be available.

And while we’re thinking about co-teaching, allow us to share a few co-teaching resources that we've enjoyed. (Seems like as good a time as any!) Happy reading - and co-teaching.

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