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Okay, You've Got It! Dev Squad Applications Now Due November 6!

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Nov 2, 2015


Quick Update!!! Serious thanks to all who applied. We’re so looking forward to reading your applications and getting in touch. To those who asked for a little more time - sure! Let’s do this. We’re extending the deadline (because we’re so cool like that) to Friday, November 6.


The day is here at last! It's (almost!) the final deadline for submitting your application to be a member of the Chalkup Dev Squad.

If you are a student - or if you teach a student - who loves to code (Javascript, Node, Angular, MongoDB, AWS) and want some real-world experience, send a resume our way tonight. We're building a small team of savvy students to intern with Chalkup for the next 12 weeks and help us engineer our next awesome feature.

We're happy to work with your school to get you credit and build something you'll absolutely want to add to your portfolio of projects. A full set of FAQs are below, as well as some quick instructions for applying. Can't wait to read your applications.

What is the CU Dev Squad?

The CU Dev Squad is a small group of talented CS students who are getting real-world code experience at Chalkup. It’s an opportunity to learn some serious code and get credit toward a degree in computer science.

During their 12-week internship program, students learn basic software maintenance for the Chalkup platform and develop a new feature as a team. With support and guidance from Chalkup employees, this feature will eventually be integrated into Chalkup’s free platform.


What are the requirements for joining the team?

Students must currently be enrolled in a 4-year computer science program or a similar course of study - or have graduated from such a program in the last two years - to be selected. We’re looking for students who live for bug-busting and building beautiful, powerful tools with code.

You don’t need to know everything - this opportunity is all about learning - but a solid foundation in Javascript is required. 

What do you need to know coding-wise?

We need you to understand web-technologies. We're looking for students with an interest/background in web and who are at least semi-familiar with Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB and HTML/CSS. That's what we will be using during the internship.

What’s the time commitment like?

We’re asking that selected students are able to contribute 10 hours/week. Outside of an initial 2-day training and a weekly squad meeting to share project updates, students will have the flexibility to build their own work schedule.

We’re open to different schedules. If you find that you’re only able to do 7 or 8 hours one week because of finals - that’s cool - as long things average out to about 10 in the long run. If you need to put in more hours to earn credit from your school, absolutely, we’ll make it work. (But if you can only log about 5/hours a week on your best days, we’re going to have a hard time pulling this off.)

 Also - we know our program might overlap with some holidays. We don’t expect you to be chained to your desk. We’ll work out holiday schedules when the team is assembled. Fear not.

In short: students will be held to the same standards as Chalkup staff. Set your own hours. Work hard. Get stuff done.

Is this position paid?

This is an unpaid opportunity, but we’ll happily work with your school to get you internship credit.


This is a remote position. Students must be able to telework during the 12-week program. We’ll be giving preference to students located in the United States (making it much, much easier to coordinate team meetings). We use tools like Slack, Asana, and Hangouts to stay connected.

How do I apply?

To apply, fill out an application and send your CV to Jayne Miller at (This is super important. If you don't send along your CV, you won't be considered.)

Get her your info by November 2 November 6 and you’ll be all set.

 When will selected students be notified?

We’ll be reaching out to everyone during the first two weeks of November. (No worries. You’ll have time to plan your life before getting started with the Dev Squad.)

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