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The Connection Between Students Who Listen to Podcasts and Read Books

Jayne Miller wrote this on Mar 25, 2016


It seems that podcasts have an unlikely effect on students. There's a chance that these soundbites actually boost a student's interest in reading.

At least that's what Michael Godsey found in a recent piece for The Atlantic, linked below.

Godsey recounts introducing podcasts to his high school English class two years ago, which was followed by a surge in voluntary reading. The story then takes a deeper dive into the influences of podcasts, delving into their use as a classroom supplement and a tool for students learning English. (And if you're inspired to listen to a few podcasts yourself, we've got you covered.)

Also on the docket this week is an article from MindShift about digital portfolios and college-bound students, as well as a look at planning tech trainings for teachers from the outstanding blog Cult of Pedagogy. Hope you like the stories we rounded up.

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