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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • July 21, 2015

Creating Real-Time Polls in Chalkup

Fun fact: you can run real-time polls in Chalkup through our discussion threads. It can be a choice way to gauge opinion during class time, start a conversation after school, or make group project decisions.

Here’s how to do it.

To conduct a class poll, create a new discussion as you normally would, navigating to the “New Discussion” option.

New discussion

The discussion pane will include a poll category. Fill out the space as you would for a standard discussion, adding answers to flesh out your poll question.

Setting up a class poll

Students will be prompted to submit a response and watch the results change in real time. The standard Chalkup discussion space will also appear below the poll results, allowing for continued conversation outside of class.

Class poll results in real time

1:1 and BYOD classrooms have a lot to play with here. Polls can be used during class time to answer questions and/or measure opinion.

A simple way to queue a few questions up prior to class period is to fill out poll prompts in separate tabs, publishing each one as you’re ready for students to dive in.

Like all things in Chalkup, polls also travel well. Definitely not a tool exclusively for class time. These mini surveys have proven useful for discussions outside of the course period (and making such important decisions as what snacks students want to bring to their next study sesh).

Class poll results in real time

For more info on making class polls and using Chalkup’s discussion space, check out these how-tos or watch this nifty discussion tutorial.


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