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By Chalkup Staff • November 30, 2015

Creating Robust, Informative Assignments in Chalkup


Screen_Shot_2015-11-27_at_9.36.47_AM.pngGood morning and happy Monday. We wanted to share a quick #ChalkupTip about creating a robust, informative assignment in Chalkup.

Specifically, we want to do a walkthrough of using all the tools we’ve packed into our assignment creation function so you can build something that tells a student what you expect from them, how to get started, and when it’s due.

Quick Description

Our description space is like an introductory paragraph. It sets the tone for everything that is going to happen. This is what I’m assigning. These are the objectives. This is the top-level information.

While we love using this space for the specifics of your assignment, we *really* love it when we see teacher use this space to outline learning goals. “In this assignment we’ll apply the theorems outlined in Chapter two” or “In this paper we’ll practice constructing a persuasive argument.”

Adding a Rubric

Can’t recommend attaching a rubric enough. You’ll need to do this if you plan on grading with one, but more than that, this is an opportunity to show students up front how they will be assessed. Fantastic for transparency.


Adding an Image

Fun fact: you can drop in an image into your assignment. Plop it into the description space or add one as an attachment. While you may have practical ideas for using photos - illustrating what a final project should look like, for example - we also like dropping them in for an added touch of flair. Something to grab attention. (No one said assigning work couldn’t be at least a little bit fun.)


Supplementary Materials

Okay, here’s the big thing. You can attach as many files as you’d like to an assignment. Drag and drop them right into your assignment, upload from your device, or grab them straight from Google Drive.

Our recommendation? Use this function for the nitty gritty of assignments. If your description is the introductory paragraph, let attached docs be the body. This is an ideal place to house formatting requirements or detailed parameters of an experiment/project/assignment.

While you can always refer students to your resource library or a discussion elsewhere in the Chalkup platform, this is also a choice area to link or attach resources that will be vital to your assignment. PDFs, articles, e-books, media. Get it all in one place.

Estimated Time

We recommend taking advantage of our estimated time feature. When used in multiple classes, this tool gives students a picture of exactly how much work they have on their plate. They can sort by day, week, or all-time; huge time management potential here.

Estimated TimeWhen creating an assignment, just provide an approximate amount of time at the bottom of your assignment and save.


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