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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 6, 2015

Digital Behaviors That Will Make Your Teachers Super Happy

Hey Chalkup students. Let’s chat.

This entire week is about celebrating teachers. It’s about letting them know we’re thankful for all they do.

Bringing an apple to class is a little old school. We thought we’d give you a leg up on Teacher Appreciation Week with these digital tips that’ll make your teachers really, really happy.

Get the Conversation Started

We’ll let you in on a little secret: your teachers dig it when you get the conversation going.

Start conversations on Chalkup

You might think they live to dream up discussion prompts and study questions, but truth is your teachers are happy to see that little notification that says a student has started a discussion thread.

As long as you’re posting thoughtfully, this is truly helpful. When you lead conversation, your teacher gets a better idea of what’s on your mind, what questions you have about work, or what your take is on the latest reading.

(And hey, leading discussion is also great practice. You’re going to have to do this again and again in life.)

If you’re in a classroom where students are already leading the discussion - we love it. Keep at it. Chime in!

If you’re not, push back. Work to flip the dynamic and build student-led dialogue.

And then watch out for the teacher smiles.

Be Prepared

It sounds so obvious, right? But still, not everybody does it! Guys!

One of the simplest ways to show some respect for the classroom is to come prepared.

That doesn’t mean you’re acing every assignment. (You’re a human. If you never got anything wrong ever we’d probably have to send you somewhere for testing.) But it does mean you’ve done the reading and you know what’s coming up in class.

Chalkup Course Calendar


You show up ready to work. You bring what you’re supposed to bring to class.

If you’re not a naturally organized person - and most of us aren’t - try starting your day with the Chalkup Look Ahead. It will tell you exactly what’s due today. And your course calendar will show you what’s coming up.

If you need a little extra help, double check your notification settings. You can tailor them to get text messages about upcoming work or custom to-dos.

Share Something Extra

Let’s say you’ve started some good class conversations. You’ve talked through assignments and asked really good questions. Your peers have weighed in and even given you a few upvotes.

Well, superstar, remember that you’re not confined by your course materials. An online discussion thread is a place to flex curiosity and share resources that have helped or interested you.

So if you’ve found a really useful Quizlet to study vocab words - or perhaps a video of a science experiment similar to one you did in class last week - pass it around.

Studying in Chalkup

When everyone shares great resources, everyone wins. And don’t think your teachers don't see students who are going the extra mile like that. They notice. They do.

Use Your Gadgets for Good

Oh, the power of devices. Tablets and smartphones. Chromebooks.

Use these gadgets for good when you’re in school.

We’re on your side here. Banning cellphones from school is a pretty outdated policy that robs these devices of their classroom potential - potential to find answers, share resources, connect with classmates, and harness really cool apps.

So save the snapchatting for after class. Don’t do it. Just don’t. If you have devices in your classroom, use em for what you should be using them for.

Because believe it or not, your teachers don’t love seeing 15 games of Angry Birds instead of the assignment you’re all working on together.

Make the Most of Feedback

Feedback is big. When a teacher grades with a rubric or leaves comments on your assignment, it’s a chance to figure out what you could be doing better.

So listen up. Maybe ask questions on your assignment or shoot your teacher a message in your chat window to figure out how to make the most of the feedback you’ve gotten.

Just don’t ignore the guidance. Your instructors dig it when you show that you’ve listened and learned from their advice.

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