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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • October 23, 2015

How Was Your 2015 Digital Citizenship Week?


Fun fact: this last week was Digital Citizenship Week.That means you might have seen some good stuff floating around the Twitterverse for building good digital citizens in your classroom. We collected a few pieces and added them to our weekly collection below, including a solid Eutopia piece on good online behavior.

You can also catch up on the conversation by perusing the #digcit and #havethetalk hashtags on Twitter.

What else was on our radar? A really nice HuffPo piece on classroom culture and making an impact with devices. (It reminded us a lot of this, and we loved it.) Also a few reads about gaming, assessment, and student time management.

Ready. Set. Read.

Modeling Constructive Online Behavior | Edutopia

Who owns the #digcit conversation? | Dave Shortreed

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First--Devices Second | The Huffington Post

The Power of Games | Education Week's EdTech Researcher Blog

Student Time Management Matters. Just Ask Your Overworked Student. | Medium

A Teacher’s Tale of Technology, Trust and the Struggle for Freedom | EdSurge

Going Deeper with Hands-On Tech in Education | EdTech Magazine

The Perfect Assessment | TeachThought

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