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It's 2016. Let's Disrupt Learning.

Jayne Miller wrote this on Jan 1, 2016



Here we are in 2016, and with our first official roundup of edtech stories of the year.

Sorting through edtech articles this week, a theme emerged. Sure, lots of top 10s and "best of 2015" pieces. (We even did a few of those...) But no. The real theme was disruption - doing away with what has historically been accepted in classrooms and turning it on its head.

From TeachThought's piece on innovation in schools to NPR's interview with Jordan Shapiro, we're hearing again and again that we can do better - we will do better.

Sounds like a theme fitting for January 1, eh? These stories are linked below, as are some suggested posts on skills needed in the modern classroom and highlights in edu research from 2015. Enjoy.

Why Education Needs Disruption | TeachThought

Exploding The Myth Of 'Unengaged' Students | NPR Education

Why more students are on board for coding instruction – in kindergarten | The Hechinger Report

Why Course Credits Don’t Reflect What I Learn EdSurge

The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have | Edudemic

Education Research Highlights From 2015 | Edutopia

Editor’s Picks 2015, No. 1: Three things great teachers do with technology | ESchool News

Professional Learning is Messy | Tech & Learning


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