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By Chalkup Staff • January 21, 2016

Is Your EdTech Ready for the Snow?


A storm’s a-brewin’.

It’s snow day season and if you’re a user on the East Coast, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending tomorrow at home, watching the flakes come down. As you stock up on bread and milk, maybe it’s also time to take stock of what edtech plans you have in place for snow days and short weeks.

Ideally, your edtech offers a certain level of continuity to your classroom plans when weather gets in the way. You can still assign work or start a discussion with confidence that your students can engage remotely.

Each school - and classroom - has different resources and expectations during school cancellations. For those with 1:1 programs or e-learning contingency plans in place, the snow is an opportunity to use 21st century tools to stay in touch and move classrooms plans forward.

As snow day e-learning emerges and best practices begin to crystalize, we’re interested in learning about what’s working (and what’s not) for classrooms trying to stay in touch via tech.

Tweet us your snow day edtech wins at @Chalkupedu or tell us your story in the comments. We’ll be passing on winning tips and success stories throughout the snowy winter months.


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