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Everything You Wanted to Know About Google Apps for Edu

Justin Chando wrote this on Sep 21, 2015


Google Apps for Education are a phenomenal free resource for schools. They’re powerful. They’re intuitive. They’re flexible. They offer unique collaboration opportunities for classrooms.

When we made Chalkup, we prioritized seamless integration with Google Drive so that educators could continue to use these powerful free tools, layering in discussions, rubrics, flashcards, and time management tools throughout the Chalkup platform.


We quickly learned how many of our users were huge Google Apps nerds like us. (I mean this as the ultimate compliment.)

Over the last year we’ve been sharing our favorite Google tips from around the Chalkup office. We’ve covered shortcuts that have saved us time, interesting formulas for Google Sheets, and even Chromebook tips to benefit classrooms that have gone all-in on Google’s laptop. And what an awesome response. We were thrilled that everyone enjoyed these resources; I love getting stories from instructors who used our tips in their own workflow.

So we thought it might be helpful to package all of these Google tips into a handy resource. This e-book will cover our favorite tips for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and general Chromebook use, as well as a vat of shortcuts to use throughout Google products.

This is a really fun topic for us. I hope you enjoy nerding out with these GAFE facts as much as we enjoyed compiling our favorites. Absolutely tweet us (@Chalkupedu) if there are any Google hacks/tips/tricks that you’ve found (and loved). We’re always ready to update with more Googly goodness.

Thanks for reading, GAFE fans. Enjoy. 

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