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Don't Worry. Our Fall Podcast Picks Have Arrived.

Jayne Miller wrote this on Nov 5, 2015


We’ve written previously about enjoying edtech podcasts. (We’ve even recommended a few series for your listening pleasure. If you haven’t already….get on that.)

It’s been a good autumn for edu podcasts and we have a batch of new stories and series to share with you. All are recommended for Sunday morning coffee, your commute home, or treadmill entertainment. You heard it here first.

Cult of Pedagogy: Four Things I've Learned About Teaching from CrossFit

For the fitness-loving educators reading today, here’s one for you. A podcast that connects teaching CrossFit to the classroom. Some good takeaways and stories from the gym.

Techlandia - Grumpy Old Teachers 21

Want to hear Jon Samuelson and Scott Bedley rant about iOS9 and Apple iPad management? Then look no further. (Got a good laugh out of this one; I couldn't not recommend it.) Also some fun chatter about their first jobs teaching.

Giving Up Control with Michael Shapiro Transformative Principal 093

We liked this episode with Michael Shapiro on student-centered assessment and learning. This one’s heavy, there’s a lot of ground covered, but well worth seeing it through. You don’t have to listen to the first part of the interview to fully enjoy, but you certainly can before diving into this one.

EdTech Innovations: The Engagement Lab

This fall, EdTech Times sat down with the Emerson College’s Engagement Lab, a facility that develops games to promote education and action around civic engagement. A great listen for teachers who are into gamification. You can start the series below.

New York Times Book Review & Soundings from The New York Review

These podcasts are, yes, book reviews and related interviews. Definitely a great way to find your next read, but we’re actually recommending these because they’re a good tool for English and writing classes.

The former is particularly good for interviews and is a nice podcast introduction for students. High production value and interesting content all around.

The New York Review podcasts generally stay under 20 minutes (although recent editions, which feature an interview with President Obama, have stretched beyond 30.) We will note that new episodes are only only semi-frequent, which is a bummer.

TeacherCast: How to Tear Down and Setup Your Podcasting Studio

Maybe all of this has inspired you, and you’re ready to start your own podcast. Maybe you want to know more about the tools involved and are curious about what kind of space you need for some serious recording.

Look no further than TeacherCast’s recent cast on creating (and tearing down) a home podcast studio.


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