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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • April 26, 2016

Four Edu Podcasts to Listen to This Week


What’s in your headphones this spring, edtech team? We’re due for a fresh batch of podcast picks for the season. (You can catch up on old podcast favorites here and here and here.)

We’re getting super focused this time, with four specific podcasts and four specific episodes we’ve listened to lately and think you’ll enjoy. Eat them up and tweet any new edu podcast recommendations to @Chalkupedu.

Hack Learning With Mark Barnes

Hack Education by Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez is a great read that we’ve recommended in other blog posts. Today, we’re pumped to share the Hack Learning podcast.

Why do we like it? We like problem solving, and that’s what the Hack series does best. Barnes tackles real-world scenarios thoughtfully, with meaty suggestions for educators. These podcasts are also bite-sized, making it easy to fit in an episode or two while prepping dinner or making coffee.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Dive in with this episode on digital citizenship.


Out of School

We’re edtech nerds who make an edtech product. So we need one hardcore edtech podcast on this list. That’s what Out of School is for us. This series is for the IT admins, the tech specialists, the edtech trainers - the folks who are in the weeds with any deployment process.

We got into Out of School once we read about their 2016 deployment series on Twitter. That’s exactly what it sounds like - great conversation about a real-world deployment process.

Try the series on for size with this episode on parent communication.


Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcast contains 10-minute thought-starters inspired by her blog. I’ve run into Angela Watson’s stuff before and I’m so sad it’s taken me this long to realize she had a podcast to boot.

I like Angela’s point of view. She’s smart and experienced and her message always seems practiced and reasonable. I became a fan of her work after discovering her work-life balance series for educators, which is such an important topic and was so well done. With that in mind, it’s fitting that we share an episode on small classroom changes that can make a big difference. And yes, there is a strong message balancing workload, which I love.


#PodcastPD on @EduPodNet

Let’s go straight to the source, shall we? The Edu Podcast Network has introduced us to some of our favorite podcasts, many of which are sprinkled throughout our blog posts.

Well, the Edu Podcast Network has a show all their own. They’re 30-minute segments that tackle two new questions related to edu podcasting (so meta). All relate to the Sunday-night Twitter chat #PodcastPD, which has been a source of many good podcast finds for us.



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