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Google Apps for Edu Users: We’ve Got Your Master List of Drive Shortcuts

Jayne Miller wrote this on Sep 1, 2015

If you’ve enjoyed our posts on creative ways to use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, chances are you eat up shortkeys. 

We’re cutting out the middleman on this one and giving it to you straight: we’ve got over 70 shortcuts here for use in Google Drive. Bookmark ‘em and enjoy being a Google Apps for Edu superstar.


Navigating in Drive

/: Search Drive

c: Create menu

a: More actions menu

f: Current folder actions menu

r: Sort menu

t: Settings menu

g then l: Go to items view

v: Switch between grid and list in items view

i: Show or hide activity pane

d: Show or hide details pane

g then d: Details pane

g then t: Go to top of application (Google bar)

g then u: Go to upload status

g then a: Go to download status



Shift + t: New doc

Shift + p: New presentation

Shift + s: New sheet

Shift + d: New drawing

Shift + f: New folder

Shift + o: New form

Doing (with selected items)

Enter or o: Open

n: Rename

z: Move to new folder

s: Star or unstar

. (dot): Share


x: Select or de-select

j or down arrow: Select next item down

k or up arrow: Select next item up

h or left arrow: Select next item to the left

l or right arrow: Select next item to the right

Shift + a: Select all visible items

Shift + n: Clear all



Ctrl + M: New slide

Ctrl + D: Duplicate slide

Home: First slide

End: Last slide

Page Up [OR] Up arrow: Previous slide

Page Down [OR] Down arrow: Next slide

Ctrl + Up arrow: Move slide up

Ctrl + Down arrow: Move slide down

Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow: Move slide to beginning

Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow: Move slide to end

Ctrl + Alt + C: Copy formatting of the selected text or shape

Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste formatting of the selected text or shape

Shift + Up arrow: Select previous slide

Shift + Down arrow: Select next slide

Shift + Home: Select first slide

Shift + End: Select last slide

Ctrl + F5: Present slides

Ctrl + Shift + F5: Present from beginning

Enter: Play selected video


Ctrl+End: Go to last cell in region

Ctrl+Home: Go to first cell in region

Shift+Spacebar: Select row

Ctrl+Spacebar: Select column

Ctrl + Down arrow: Move down without changing selection

Ctrl + Up arrow: Move up without changing selection

Ctrl + Left arrow: Move left without changing selection

Ctrl + Right arrow: Move right without changing selection


Ctrl+Home: Go to the top of your doc

Ctrl+Z: Undo

Ctrl+Y: Redo

Ctrl+E: Center align

Ctrl+L: Left align

Ctrl+J: Justify

Ctrl+M: Comment

Ctrl+H: Replace

Ctrl+Shift+L: Bulleted list

Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar: Non-breaking space

Page Down: Move down one screen

Page Up: Move up one screen

Ctrl+K: Insert hyperlink

Ctrl+Shift+F: Full screen

Ctrl+Spacebar: Clear formatting




The Teacher's Guide to Using Google Drive 2.0

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