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The Scoop on Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

Jayne Miller wrote this on Oct 2, 2015


The weekly edtech headlines were solid this week. For starters, we're obviously reading about Google Expeditions, a new virtual reality system for classrooms. Google's new Pioneer Program offers schools from around the globe "Expedition kits" to go places where "school buses can't go."

Honestly, the experience looks quite beautiful; 100 trips have already been developed by Google and its partners, spanning from the Coral Reef to Machu Picchu. You can read more about the program in the story by Education News below.

We also recommend getting to this EdSurge piece on classroom design (and how that design might look a lot like Starbucks). Another good one is MindShift's story on leveraging the glory that is Minecraft in the classroom. 

There's too much good stuff to read this week; all of these are worth a click. 

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