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Growing Student Leadership Through Discussion

Jayne Miller wrote this on Mar 25, 2015

Last night we had a great discussion on building digital assignment and grading workflows in a free Chalkup webinar. We got a fantastic question about how these workflows can encourage student engagement.

Let’s talk more about that.

Student Leadership Through Discussion

At Chalkup we like to think about how digital tools can keep classes connected and how we can make it easy for students to ask one another for help or share resources when they dive into homework. It’s something we always want to build into the process of assigning and grading work; that’s when your workflow is doing more for you than paper.

This leads us to our discussion space - a wide-open platform for exchanges and resource-sharing.

One thing we didn’t get to talk about as much last night is how this online discussion is not only something you can build into your grading and assignment workflow, but is something you can use to grow student leadership.

It’s our hope that using a tool like Chalkup in the classroom is accompanied by a shift in class culture - a shift that trends toward getting students in the driver’s seat. This means they’re not waiting for the teacher to ask a question or get a conversation started. Students know that their ideas and questions will propel the course forward, so this is exactly what happens whenever there is a new assignment in the pipeline.

This all sounds spectacular, but it takes work to get your class to that point. We get that. There’s expectation-setting. There’s communicating to a class that they’re the ones who need to step up and connect to get the most out of a course. There’s crafting collaborative opportunities that showcase how much more powerful it is to learn together instead of in isolation.

These daily processes chip away at the norm, making room for students to lead discussions without prompting.

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