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Hey! You Can Edit Live Google Docs in Chalkup Now!

Chalkup Staff wrote this on Feb 10, 2016


Want to link to a live, editable Google Doc through Chalkup? Now you can.

Here's how it's done.  

Navigate to the place you'd like your doc to appear - a discussion, assignment, or resource library, perhaps. Click the link icon to share a url.


Next, post the link to the Google Drive document


This shiny new feature is a touch different than our built-in Google Drive integration that automatically handles permissions when you upload a document to use as an assignment. Think of this feature as a fast way to incorporate live, collaborative Google Docs in your shared digital space.

What does this mean? This means before you share, you'll need to ensure that your sharing permissions are set properly. So, you've decided if users with the link may edit or just view the document.

Fun fact: when you set the sharing permissions to "Anyone with the link can view" or "Anyone with the link can edit," Chalkup will automatically grab the title of the document/thumbnail and the doc will be viewable or editable within the Chalkup platform.



Click to download.

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