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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • October 6, 2015

History and Civics Resources for Blended Classrooms


Hey there, history teachers. Today we’re writing about you.

History and civics are fantastic subjects for blended or flipped classrooms. As far as content to share, embed, and discuss goes, your cup runneth over. We thought you might enjoy some of our favorite examples of digital history content that we know our users have enjoyed applying to their discussion threads and assignments.

Curate a Playlist
Here’s something different: curate a playlist on Spotify and embed it in your discussion thread. This can be an interesting way to connect with music history, extract chapters of audiobooks, or tap into pre-made playlists like this one, which features historical recordings of American Presidents.

Stuff You Missed in History Class: The Podcast
These guys have everything. Stories from every era, anecdotes about major political figures, and quirky facts history fans will eat up. (Just listen to this recent podcast on pianist Franz Liszt.) The site is pretty easy to search, too.

Here’s a way to incorporate Instagram into your lesson. Check out what the Newseum in Washington, DC has been posting. Tons of references to current events, plus some nice posts on current exhibits.


Timeline JS3
This site allows you to build custom timelines with Google Sheets and embed them, just as you would a YouTube video.

Created by Northwestern University’s Knight Lab, the tool has been designed for journalists to create and embed timelines into their reporting, however, these same tools are fantastic for students mastering world history or current events.

A full step-by-step guide for creating your own timeline is available here.

World History in Video
We’ve written a lot about Crash Course’s fantastic videos. They have content for almost any subject, and their history videos are particularly fun. Peruse their world history playlist for content on the fall of the Roman Empire, stories from Ancient Egypt, or a play-by-play of WWII.


Have Fun With History
Head to the movies section of Have Fun With History. Bam. You’re looking at a vault of American history videos for your discussion threads. While unfortunately these videos don’t come with embed codes, it’s super easy to find the content you’re looking for and uncover related resources for your students.



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