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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • December 10, 2015

Gifts for Techie Teachers That They Will Actually Use



Congratulations. This is the 38th online gift-giving guide you’ve encountered today.

Tis the season of gift giving, and subsequently, of articles that promise they’ve cracked the gift-giving code. All say they’ve compiled a trove of items so perfect for the hard-to-please people in your life - so ideal in price and functionality and uniqueness - that only Saint Nick could compare.

Well, here at Chalkup, we might not know what to get your Aunt Irma or that chatty neighbor who always drops by with a fruitcake around this time of year, but we do have some really good suggestions for any educators in your life who have an interest in technology.

We’ve got 12 ideas below covering a range of prices. All include links to purchase before your next obligatory holiday party and glass of eggnog.

App Store Credit 
Give your educator a chance to test new edu apps with a gift card to the App Store.

Well-Kept Screen-Cleansing Towels ($6)
Keep those screens squeaky clean with this sleek pack of towelettes for electronics and lenses. 


iPhone Sticky Notes ($10+)
For the person who has an iPhone attached to their hand...but can never find a piece of paper.

2015-2016 Edtech Conference Poster 18x24 ($19)


Plan your 2016 conference circuit with this poster of edtech events happening throughout the year. For a really sweet gift, consider picking up the registration tab for an edtech conference for your teacher friend. (Or see our ISTE suggestion at the end of this list.)

Magazine Subscription ($20-30)
Knowledge is power. Consider gifting your edtech-loving bud with a subscription to one of these:


Control + Alt + Delete Shirt ($25)


Tech humor in a cute long-sleeve. Ideal for secret santa.

iPad Telephoto Lens ($25)
Know someone who tries to take pictures with their iPad all the time? Here. Get them this. It will help.

iPad Pen ($30)
Maybe you have a teacher friend who is still adjusting to iPads at their school. This iPad pen could be a really thoughtful gift to help them adjust by making iPad as accessible as pen and paper.

Keyboard Waffle Iron ($85)


Who doesn’t like waffles? Answer: nobody.

Powerstation 5x  ($130+)
For the super wired educator, this bad boy is a universal power solution for smartphones, wearables, and tablets. 


ISTE Registration ($200-$500)
ISTE is an awesome conference for educators. If you know an educator who would love to connect with teachers and tech companies in Denver next year but can’t get the costs covered by his or her school, consider gifting a registration.

Smart Projector ($500)
This smart projector can fit into any light socket. A very cool gadget for the classroom - or for infotainment around home.

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