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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • February 19, 2015

How a Class Calendar Can Boost Time Management Skills

Let’s talk time management. A student who lacks the ability to follow a schedule and plan ahead is more likely to struggle as their responsibilities and workload grow.

Some students are natural planners, others not so much. The good news is these skills can be improved.

Using a class collaboration platform like Chalkup provides tools that emphasize time management and gives students an opportunity to figure out how to schedule tasks and balance their courseload.

There are a few things you can be doing as a teacher (especially for K-12) to encourage this growth. For starters, a shared class calendar is a good way to get your class thinking about what’s ahead. If you’re assigning work in Chalkup, you already have one of these.Screen_Shot_2015-02-18_at_4.08.51_PM

Additional calendar entries -- like a suggested study timeline or check-ins on projects before the final due date -- enforce spreading out work instead of saving it to the last minute. (There will always be someone who waits to the last minute. But hopefully this will set up the majority of your students to build good habits.)

To double down, consider starting the first class of the week with a review of your Chalkup calendar and talk about what’s ahead. Get it in front of them. Visualize how much time is available to complete work or study for an upcoming exam.

After a few weeks, test removing this practice. Ideally some of your students will take up reviewing the course calendar independently.

If you've tried these approaches or others, we’d love to hear your time management success story. Leave your class calendar hacks in the comments below.

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