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The Administrator's Guide to Going Paperless

Justin Chando wrote this on Mar 2, 2015

Take a good, long look at your school’s copier. 

It’s printed exams, homework, syllabi, required reading lists. It’s churned out instructions for group projects and supporting articles for history class. Your copier has cranked out 100 grading rubrics for an upcoming Spanish paper, only to have them promptly thrown away after an error was committed in column two. 

Your copier is tired. 

It’s run out of paper. You’ve paid the maintenance fees and signed invoices for printer ink (which, based on the price tag, we can only assume is being made with champagne and fossil fuels). You’ve hung your head when it’s acted up just minutes before an English lit exam - when you’re 12 tests short - and you’ve run down the hall to another machine when your presentation jammed right before go time.

You’re tired of your copier. 

The Paperless Transition

We’ve spoken with teachers and administrators across the country about their paper problem. We’ve heard about the costs and logistics of paper-based systems, as well as war stories from the copy room. 

This is why we’ve created our new resource, The Administrator’s Guide to Going Paperless. Switching to digital systems like Chalkup limit your copier’s role day-to-day, ultimately saving money and time. To help you do this, we’ve compiled key steps in making the switch from copier to cloud so you don’t miss a beat - or an exam.

  How to Start a Paperless Classroom

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