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By Chalkup Staff • October 25, 2016

How to Create Quizzes Using The New Google Forms And Share Them With Students

google-forms-logo.pngGoogle Forms are an easy to use, free survey tool included within G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education, we’re still getting used to the new name too). We know many of our users leverage these forms in the classroom to survey students and create self-grading quizzes.

Today we’re covering the basics of using the new 2016 update to Google Forms which include the ability to set up questions and have the form itself auto-grade the submissions by your students. This is different from our previous post on the topic. Where you used to have to use add-ons, Google recently updated Forms to include the quiz functionality right inside. Let’s check it out!

(And quick reminder - you can always lean on Chalkup for quick real-time polling of your class. Here’s a refresher on how to do that.)

Getting Started

To get started creating your Google Form Quiz, you’ll want to head to

Never created a Google Form? That’s okay. The best and most straight-forward tutorial comes straight from Google.

(PS. In this post we’ll be showing off the assessment that we created ourselves in Google Forms. Here's a link to our live Google Form Quiz. Feel free to take a look yourself 😀) 

Creating a New Quiz from a Form Template.

create-form2.gifGoogle has some useful templates built specifically for Education use. When you select the “Blank Quiz” template the quizzing functionality is automatically turned on.


Turn a Form Into a Quiz (after creation)

cog.png The settings cog is your friend. Click on the settings icon in the top right and a menu will pop up. Enable the option “Make this a quiz” (assign point values to questions and allow auto-grading).



Creating Questions for Your Quiz

If you’d like your questions to be auto-graded, you need to make sure you’re using either, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, or Dropdowns for the question type. These are the only types as of right now that you can use to auto-grade with the answer key.



Marking the Correct Answer

Now that your Google form is a quiz and you've created a question, it's time to edit the answer key and mark the correct answer. The form will use this answer when submissions are recieved to mark student submisisons as correct or incorrect. 

Select the "ANSWER KEY" option on the bottom of the question box. Once the editor disappears, you'll be able to select the correct answer(s) and a green checkmark will appear to the right.


In "Answer Key" mode, you also set the point value for the question. Once you're done setting the correct answer and point value, choose the "Edit Question" button to finish.


Share your Google Form Quiz with Students

Since your whole class is connected on Chalkup (if it isn’t yet, go ahead and sign up here), sharing a Google Form Quiz is just a couple taps away.

Copy the link to your Google Form

Click the "SEND" button


Copy the link that's displayed under the link tab.



Create a Chalkup Assignment to Distribute your Google Form Quiz


The best way to share a Google Form Quiz with your students on Chalkup is to create an Assignment. In the assignment, you're going to want to attach a "Link" in the materials section and paste in your link to your Google Form.  


Once you've attached the link and added all the details to your assignment, go ahead and share it with your class. They'll receive a notification that there's a new Quiz available for them and can view and complete it directly inside of Chalkup. #Winning 👍

This video shows the workflow of creating a Chalkup assignment and sharing a Google Form.


View the Results


Now that you've sent your Quiz out to your students you can start to view the responses and submisisons to see the scores. You can also export the results to a Google Sheet. When you do this it gives you a lot of flexibility over the grading process that you may need. 


Leaving Individualized Student Feedback

Just because Google Forms will auto-grade the responses doesn't mean you can't still personalize your feedback as if you were grading the form yourself by hand (oof). 

All you need to do is review the responses and select the "Individual" tab in the navigation. Then you will see each submission one at a time. Under each question you'll see a link that says "Add individual feedback". Write-in your feedback in the box that pops up, and you're good to go. 



The new Google Form Quizzes are simple and powerful, which is exactly the type of thing teachers are looking for. We've gone a step further here @ Chalkup to make sharing these Google Form Quizzes with your students a snap.

What do you think of the new Google Form Quizzes? Let us know in the comments.

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