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Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller • May 26, 2015

Three Steps for Getting Your Whole School Started with Chalkup Next Term

Summer is approaching. It’s time to pack up the classroom, hit a conference, take on a workshop or training program, and test new tools for the upcoming school year. Much is on the horizon.

Teachers: get ready for next term with Chalkup.

For schools/classrooms that want to give Chalkup a try next term, we collected the only three steps you’ll need to have yourself prepped for next year. No need to add an extra item to your summer to-do list.

Cover the Basics
To get your whole school started on Chalkup, the process is straightforward.

You provide us a file that lists your students, teachers, and their course enrollments, and we’ll set up accounts for everyone. A simple Excel file will do - we just need the basics to ensure everyone is ready to log in on the first day of school.

Bonus round: summer is also an ideal time to do a digital assessment of your school with us. It’s opportunity to chat through what tech tools your school is using and where you want to go. We’ll take a step back and look at the big picture with you.

Find Your Superusers
When we get schools up and running with Chalkup, we like to talk about superusers.

Teachers who use our product have told us that they want professional development so they can harness the power of their new tech tools. But more importantly, they want professional development from other teachers - those who have worked in similar environments with similar students and know the terrain.

We’ve listened to this feedback. And we take it seriously. That’s why we like to work with schools to identify teachers who love Chalkup, have developed shortcuts and innovative uses of the product, and are willing to share these ideas with other teachers.

Superteachers, superusers - whatever you call them - they’re amazing.

Get your whole school started on Chalkup

After we get your school connected and you start to settle in, you’ll find a stacked resources page and targeted webinars on Chalkup features and functions. These resources are open to your whole team (everyone should have a chance to learn, if interested) and we suggest pinging a handful of teachers you believe have superuser potential and sending them to this resource arsenal. Our Chalkup team is also happy to work with your users as they learn the ropes.

Our goal is to develop a dedicated corps of teachers who can sharpen their skills and then share their knowledge with others. We’ve seen that a culture of information sharing between colleagues will lead to a higher adoption rate across your school and happier, more confident users.

Start Connecting
The third step is to dive in. Summer is an ideal time to run a test course on Chalkup between faculty or summer students. Get comfortable with everything and develop your user preferences before a new year begins.

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