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How to Organize Your School Club Online

Jayne Miller wrote this on Sep 10, 2015


Clubs can provide some of the most memorable, formative experiences for students. These extracurriculars are opportunities for friendship, connection, and real-world experience. It’s a pretty good deal.

And the organization of school clubs can benefit from the same digital tools used by classes. 

Club Messaging

What to do when you want to get a message to your entire club quickly? Practice is moved to Thursday. Rehearsal is cancelled because of snow. We’ll be meeting in the library instead of the cafeteria tonight.

In these scenarios, club organizers crave the same connection tools that teachers rely on to assign work and stimulate discussion outside of class. Messaging tools that send a text or email to student participants will get the word out quicker when you have news to share. A worthwhile consideration for any club organizer.


Bonus points for tools that have a rich calendar feature, allowing club organizers to mark rehearsals, performances, field trips, big games, tournaments, and anything else on the docket. (Shameless plug alert: if your school is using Chalkup, your students will be able to see their club commitments side-by-side due dates for classwork on our course calendar.)

Club Collaboration

Extracurricular projects benefit from powerful collaboration tools. While the debate team is preparing their closing statements and the model UN is researching the economic benefits of foreign aid, the same tools used for sharing course resources come in handy.

A collaboration space for group editing might prove helpful for clubs working on a final project or presentation. And a discussion thread to share articles or media provides students with an additional outlet to work together. Good stuff all around.

If you’re using Chalkup and want to get a school club in on the action, we recommend creating a course for your school activity and adding students via email or through a course code. Adding and removing students as they come in and out of your club will work the same way. From there, the platform is yours for communication, sharing, and scheduling.



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