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Jayne Miller wrote this on Apr 8, 2016


Some good thought-starters coming out of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) in Washington, DC this week. The Hechinger Report has a CoSN story below that raises a fantastic question: how do districts move from having a few innovative classrooms to an entire school in which all classrooms are using digital tools to boost learning? (Yup - ensuring that students have access to the internet after school is still a big issue.)

Some standard teaching with tech pieces are linked below, as is an EdSurge column by Kasey Bell about teacher branding and digital reputation. We also linked Sunday's phenomenal podcast on learning management systems that we were lucky enough to be part of with the TeacherCast crew.

Links below, as always. 

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CoSN 2016: Eliminating the Homework Gap with Wi-Fi on Wheels | EdTech Magazine

Should Instructional Designers Be Called ‘Learning Engineers’? | Inside Higher Ed

How Sal Khan Hopes to Remake Education | Chronicle of Higher Education

How many students are refusing to take Common Core tests this year? | The Washington Post

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