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Smartphones = Sorta Good. Internet Filtering = Bad?

Jayne Miller wrote this on Apr 29, 2016


During my daily scanning of the edtech news scene, I was struck by how many pieces sought to unpack individual types of edtech as being, largely, good or bad for students.

As expected, the results are a little mixed.

The Hechinger Report's story on smartphones weighs the pros and cons of allowing students to carry around a mini super-computer all day. Obviously, there are huge learning benefits. But the distraction is real - so what's an educator to do?

The Atlantic takes a stronger stance in their piece about internet filtering, asserting that blocking websites ultimately undermines learning. While the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) outlines pictures and materials that schools and libraries are required to block access to, author Melinda D. Anderson finds that many schools block above and beyond this mandate, to the detriment of students.  (I learned SO MUCH about the policy that dictates internet in schools in this piece. Highly recommend.)

We've also thrown in some pieces on classroom management, online learning, and digital homework in our rundown below. Have at it.

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