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Justin Chando By Justin Chando • July 30, 2014

Introducing Rubrics on Chalkup

chalkup-rubricsWe are excited to announce our newest feature, Rubrics, an incredibly easy way to accurately assess and grade student assignments and projects.

Using a rubric provides several advantages to both instructors and students. Instructors are able to provide their students with a descriptive set of criteria designed to reflect the weighted importance of the objectives of the assignment. This gives students a strong understanding of the assignment expectations while making sure that the instructor’s grading standards don’t change over time.

We also added this feature as a response to our users who really wanted to simplify their Google Drive workflow. On Chalkup, students can now submit Google Drive files to their assignments, and Teachers can annotate and comment using our MarkUp annotator, and now they can grade using a Rubric.


Watch a short video of the new Rubrics!


Grade Assignments using Rubrics.

Grading using a Rubric on Chalkup is incredibly easy. When you're ready to grade, you just click on the standards that you feel the student earned, and we automatically calculate the grade. You can also choose to weight individual categories. Point values can be whatever you set on any scale and point range.

[Chalkup users: you can learn more about how to set up your rubrics in our support docs]



Find a great Rubric on Chalkup.

Teachers all have different ways of assessing assignments using Rubrics. Now, for the first time, we’ve created a community around creating and sharing rubrics.


In our new Rubric Search, you can search for the perfect rubric for your upcoming assignments or projects.  As the Chalkup community grows, so will the selection of fantastic rubrics.

Check out some sample Rubrics:

When you find the Rubric you’re looking for, you can save the Rubric to your collection, or you can even share it on Social Media or via email. We look forward to having you try it out!

Find the perfect Rubric

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